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Welcome to the TDNation Challenge Group Orientation page. Our goal is simple, provide you the support to crush all of your goals! This site will be the starting point for your journey. You will be taken through all the steps our team of coaches have compiled to make sure your get started right!

If you are ready, let's get started! The welcome video and step 1 is below!


Let your transformation BEGIN!

This is where everyone should begin. We are so excited that you are going to be taking part in a TD Nation Support Group. These challenges are the best and we have compiled resources to help you get the most out of our groups.


Watch the Welcome Video and then scroll down to start Step 1 of the TD Nation Orientation.

The Steps


In Step 1 we will go over what it is like to be in a TD Nation Support Group and some of the important information needed to get the most out of these groups. Please take your time! We've put all our experience and knowledge into these steps.

Step 2 is all about NUTRITION! We can't stress the importance of nutrition enough. This step is password protected because we want to make sure you don't rush things. Get in touch with your coach and they will provide you with the password.

For Step 3 we look into Supplements and the Workouts. Knowing you have gone through Step 1 and 2 let's us go a little further into some great information that will take your transformation to the next level.

This is truly a team effort. That is what makes TD Nation Challenge Groups so powerful. You have a whole team of coaches and challengers to support you! No one should have to do this alone. So plug in and get engaged! You won't regret it.


It doesn't matter who's your coach! If you are part of the TDNation, we have your back!

We are TD Nation! TD Nation was founded by Lance Lyell during his journey to lose 75 lbs using P90X. Lance took his new lease on life and payed it forward. We ask for nothing in return. Just show up, work hard, be positive, and BRING IT!

Your transformation is waiting...


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